Independent Redistricting

Politicians are choosing their voters.

It's no secret that gerrymandering is a problem. When we allow Democrats and Republicans alike to define their own state and Congressional districts, we encourage politicians to choose exactly which voters they want to vote, where they want them to vote. We allow our dominant parties to unabashedly manipulate elections, guaranteeing outcomes before even a single ballot is cast.

Currently, our legislators can hijack elections through gerrymandering in one of two ways. They can either pack a district, drawing lines to ensure districts are composed entirely of blue or red voters, or they can split districts, ensuring that voters of one party are spread so thinly throughout each district that their voting power is diminished.

Independent Redistricting Commissions (IRCs) check partisan gerrymandering by taking party politics and special interests out of the mapmaking process entirely. Establishing IRCs returns civic power to citizens, and ensures districts are both equitable and representative of the people they serve.

IRCs eliminate fabricated partisan voter bias.

IRCs establish a transparent redistricting process, preventing any one political party from manipulating or dominating the partisan voter split.

IRCs eliminate subjectivity from the redistricting process.

IRCs create objective standards for the mapmaking process, eliminating any bias in favor of electoral accountability.

IRCs restore political power to the American people.

IRCs give the American people a voice, empowering citizens to take control of their electoral systems to make sure they work for everyone.

IRCs ensure representational equanimity in our systems of government.

IRCs create representative districts, driving competition by forcing politicians represent all their constituents to get elected or keep their seat of power.

Support independent redistricting commissions.

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