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Max Foley-Keene on the Political Economy of the NBA

In our second episode, or PEPPisode, founder Nick Shereikis sits down with guest Max Foley-Keene to discuss the political economy of the NBA, and its parallels with the 'social democratic' period that followed World War I.

Why I Support Campaign Finance Reform and RCV

Advocacy & Data Visualization Coordinator Xander Nicolson explains why he supports campaign finance reform and ranked choice voting.

Why I Care—And Why You Should, Too

Campaign Strategy Coordinator Sarah Hopkins explains why she joined the PEP team, and why she hopes you'll get involved, too.

Case Study: RCV in the 2021 NYC Mayoral Primaries

New York City tested RCV in its mayoral primary elections this year. It worked.

Michael Malice is Delighted by Political Polarization—Here’s Why

Michael Malice is the harbinger of a new anarcho-libertarian movement—and he loves American polarization.

Is Watching Late-Night Comedy TV Polarizing You?

Is watching The Daily Show affecting your political behavior? I spent a year studying its effects on its audience.

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