Meet the Political Empathy Project.

We're a new, all-volunteer digital initiative working to fight toxic political polarization through electoral reform advocacy, community-driven media, and free resources to empower civic engagement.

We're committed to saving our country from the toxic political polarization threatening to destroy it.


We support four basic proposals to reform our electoral systems: balancing our courts, establishing independent redistricting commissions, opening primaries, and implementing ranked choice voting. We boost and support organizations that advocate for these policies, and promote them through our work wherever possible.

Blog & Media

We believe mission-based organizations should, when possible, be run by the same people they serve. That's why our blog and podcast are both community-driven, and always will be. If you're interested in joining us for a podcast, writing, or have any other suggestions, please let us know!


In addition to our advocacy and content production, we maintain a curated resource library intended to make civic engagement as easy as possible. We create and share our own guides, and maintain a living, searchable directory of other organizations and resources in the field. It's our hope that no matter where you are in your own political journey, these resources can help you on your way.


of Democrats and Republicans, respectively, now view their opposition as "downright evil."


of campaign ads were positive in 2012. In 1960, just 10% were negative.


of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchases, despite party-line narratives around Second Amendment rights.

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