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who we are

Meet the Political Empathy Project.

We’re a fledgling, unincorporated nonprofit, working to combat dangerous political polarization through smart electoral systems reform advocacy, issue-based public education, and free, accessible tools to empower civic engagement.

COVID-19, police brutality, mass shootings—we are literally killing ourselves by allowing historic hyper-partisanship to compromise our ability to respond to deadly threats to our communities. It’s time we recognize each other as fellow Americans—not as political opponents. It’s time we put empathy first.

the problem
What We Do
We are committed to saving our country from the hyper-partisanship threatening to destroy it.


We support four fundamental electoral systems reforms: balanced courts,
independent redistricting, open primaries, and ranked choice voting. We run regular campaigns on these policies.


We run several community-driven educational initiatives, including our dynamic blog, the Political Empathy Project Podcast, and PEP Talks, our hybrid lecture-presentation series.


We maintain a curated library of resources and tools to make civic engagement as easy as possible, including book lists, organizations in the field, scripts for calling elected officials, and writing guides.
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the facts


Democrats and Republicans, respectively, who now view their opposition as "downright evil."


Positive campaign ads in 2012. In 1960, just 10% were negative.


Americans who support universal background checks for gun purchases, despite party-line narratives around Second Amendment rights.
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